Warehouse Logistic

The availability of modern equipment and facilities with a different temperature range of storage allows us to keep any groups of drugs for medical use.

The duty of ZAO «Farmacevt» is enabling customers to obtain the best quality medicines at affordable prices.

There are defined zones for the intended purpose in the warehouses: storage zones with a special temperature conditions; acceptance zones; order picking zones; expedition zones; storage zones for identified falsified, inferior or counterfeit medicines; and pharmaceuticals’ quarantine storage zones.

Temperature mapping is carried out in the designated areas of the premises to ensure the required storage conditions. Pursuant to regulatory requirements the temperature control equipment is placed in the premises in accordance with the results of temperature mapping and on the grounds of analysis and risk assessment.

The company's warehouses are equipped with a large number of cooling chambers with different temperature conditions, freezers with special temperature condition for storage of immunobiological preparations. Refrigeration chambers are equipped with a highly reliable foreign-made equipment with backup units, thermal behavior monitors, thermal indicators, thermometers and with around the clock a light and sound alarm system of temperature control outputting to a security post.

There are systems of the optimal microclimate maintaining in the premises: system of ventilation, split system, dehumidifiers, thermal curtains.

Refrigerators and drugs storage facilities are subject to annual validation according to the approved procedure, and also light and sound alarm system, all measuring instruments and equipment are subject to annual certification.

Warehouse, as a department of the company, controls not only compliance with the temperature conditions at procurement and storage conditions but also organizes the quality assurance of medicines. Quality control specialists conduct a thorough examination of the documents for each series of medicines delivered to the warehouse of ZAO «Farmacevt».

It’s a strict and precise control as well as a compliance with all applicable regulations ensures impeccable quality of ZAO «Farmacevt» products.