Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The commitment to uncompromising quality is the main goal that distinguishes the company since its inception.

From the first day of its foundation ZAO «Farmacevt»” has been operating in a responsible manner that plays an important role in the stability and development of our company. We also appreciate the sense of personal responsibility of each employee for efficient and safe performance of their work.

Our CRS policy is inseparably linked with the business goals of the company. We are responsible for everyone who works in it and with us.

Workplace Safety

Supporting a culture of mutual trust and respect, recognizing and encouraging the contribution to the common cause, we strive to provide our employees with a positive work environment.

There is a reliable system of labor protection in ZAO «Farmacevt»” which clearly defines the legal, organizational, sanitary and technical structure that ensures the safety of workplaces. The internal policy of the company sets the principles of selection and training of the personnel, properly maintains and supervises the necessary skills, knowledge of rules, regulations and legislation among the employees. The main activities include employees training in accident prevention, occupational safety, industrial sanitation and hygiene.

ZAO «Farmacevt»“, being a socially-oriented organization that complies with all the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of labor, guided by the relevant regulations, regularly conducts a Special assessment of working conditions (SAWC) of employees and publishes summary data on the results of SAWC.

СОУТ 2016 (PDF)
СОУТ 2017 (PDF)
СОУТ 2018 (PDF)
СОУТ март 2019 (PDF)
СОУТ сентябрь 2019 (PDF)
СОУТ 2020 (PDF)
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СОУТ февраль 2022 (PDF)

Respect for human rights

Observance of and respect for human rights has become the modern indicator, which largely determines the level of development of modern society.

For a long time, it was considered that issues related to human rights were only the responsibility of the state, and respect for human rights was understood as respect for basic constitutional rights. However, it is increasingly clear that not only States but also businesses can have an impact on human rights.

Our company, being socially oriented, is serious about ensuring respect for fundamental human rights.

We always remember the need to strictly adhere to these core values and believe that they should be shared and respected by everyone.

The principles of respect for human rights are an integral part of the company's internal local regulations related to both working with staff and partners.

The company respects the law of the Russian Federation, as well as international standards for the protection of human rights and labor standards, which are enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work and the UN-approved Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.