Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The commitment to uncompromising quality is the main goal that distinguishes the company since its inception.

From the first day of its foundation CJSC “Farmacevt” has been operating in a responsible manner that plays an important role in the stability and development of our company. We also appreciate the sense of personal responsibility of each employee for efficient and safe performance of their work.

Our CRS policy is inseparably linked with the business goals of the company. We are responsible for everyone who works in it and with us.

Workplace Safety

Supporting a culture of mutual trust and respect, recognizing and encouraging the contribution to the common cause, we strive to provide our employees with a positive work environment.

There is a reliable system of labor protection in CJSC “Farmacevt” which clearly defines the legal, organizational, sanitary and technical structure that ensures the safety of workplaces. The internal policy of the company sets the principles of selection and training of the personnel, properly maintains and supervises the necessary skills, knowledge of rules, regulations and legislation among the employees. The main activities include employees training in accident prevention, occupational safety, industrial sanitation and hygiene.